[permaculture] Ten unfortunate assumptions of energy addicts

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Dear Keith,

If you don't want people sharing their
opinions or observations about Lundberg's articles, then I'd highly
recommend keeping them to yourself. Posting them to a public mailing
list might give people the mistaken idea that they're being encouraged
to communicate ideas of their own.

- David

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> Actually he does but you'd have to read more of his site and not just a 
> few paragraphs out of context.
> Archives 
> <http://culturechange.org/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=228&Itemid=56>
> I'm sure Jan would be happy to provide the references to which you refer 
> if you were to contact him 
> <http://culturechange.org/cms/index.php?option=com_contact&Itemid=3> 
> instead of just complaining in public forums.
>     "Jan C. Lundberg, a national speaker, writer and publisher, is best
>     known for running what was widely considered "the bible of the oil
>     industry," Lundberg Survey Inc. In 1979 the firm predicted the
>     Second Oil Shock. After 14 years there, he left for-profit work to
>     found the nonprofit Sustainable Energy Institute, now Culture
>     Change. For almost twenty years he has studied peak oil, energy
>     alternatives, and conservation based primarily on grassroots change
>     in lifestyle. He has assisted clients interested in the impacts of
>     peak oil and climate change on material security and community
>     connection. Educated in Europe and on the high seas, he has pursued
>     an adventure called a career that is still evolving."
> David Travis wrote:
> >> Ten unfortunate assumptions of energy addicts
> >> Written by Jan Lundberg
> >>
> >> Our collective problem as we see the world sputter out of control for 
> >> the worse (before it gets better) is largely that so many loud mouths 
> >> claim to know what IS happening here. Honest and wise assessments of 
> >> what all is really going on are hard to come by, partly because the 
> >> corporate media suppress independent voices who may have the background 
> >> and objectivity to offer clarity.
> >>     
> > [snip...]
> >
> >
> > Mr. Lundberg's "background and objectivity" evidently doesn't involve the use of references or sources for any of his claims.
> -- 
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