[permaculture] llamas

Kathyann knat at sprintmail.com
Sat Oct 25 06:27:55 EDT 2008

Nancy Frank wrote:
> Scott -
> I hear dogs and cats are good to eat, too.  Perhaps you have a  
> particularly tasty breed...
> Actually, I say that in a good natured way.  Llamas provide meat in  
> other countries.  It is still not something most llama owners are in  
> favor of promoting here.  There may be a time, but so far, not so much.
> Nancy
As a kid I commuted by dog cart/sled. And the power belts for goats to
walk on, to power tools, are listed for goats or dogs.
Course we have fiber goats now and it is hard to eat someone you've
brushed and milked. (the sheep don't require brushing.) You do what
works when you need to. When I trained packing goats I only used lamb
for personal grass-meat. But goats, like llamas, would be a way to eat
multiflora rose and poison ivy from scraggy hill area if that was our
available food source. It is a part of living with an omnivore and they
all should keep a careful eye on me as I do the bears at end property
who can see me as a bean/chicken/sheep compactor.


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