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	Thanks for the information regarding your Financial 
Permaculture event.  I was surprised and disappointed to discover 
that such a large Financial Permaculture event was being held without 
any representation from or information about the Permaculture Credit 
Union (PCU),  (http://www.pcuonline.org).

	The PCU is an invisible structure, a financial structure, 
created to support the permaculture community. It is based on the 
earth care ethics of Permaculture: care of the earth, care of the 
people, and sharing the excess.  The PCU opened its doors in August 
of 2000 and has grown in a sustainable manner with both federal and 
state oversight.  We have been "Transforming Our Financial System ... 
 From the Bottom Up" since then.

	The PCU presently has close to $4 million in assets that it 
makes available as loans to its over 1000 members.  It encourages 
earth friendly loans through reduced rates for items like high 
mileage vehicles, student loans, water catchment systems, home energy 
systems, including solar, wind, micro hydro, and energy conservation.

	Recently, we began a cooperative project with the Santa Fe 
Farmers Market Institute, to make small, low interest loans to small 
organic farmers in northern New Mexico.  We could do this for almost 
any farmers market.

	Please announce our existence and contact information to your 
event attendees.  Web site: http://www.pcuonline.org
	  Phone:  Toll Free: (866) 954-3479; or (505) 954-3479


	-Phil Vergamini
	 PCU Member, Account #1

>Below is a reminder from the Solari Network of the Financial 
>Permaculture event that starts tomorrow (Friday, Oct 24) and runs 
>through next Tuesday.  If you aren't attending, you can follow the 
>event through the various event blogs, linked below.
>Bob Waldrop, www.bobwaldrop.net
>Oklahoma Food Coop, www.oklahomafood.coop
>Barking Frogs Permaculture, www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org
>Transforming Our Financial System ... From the Bottom Up
>The central bankers of the world are planning to meet in Europe to
>redesign the financial system from the top down. From Friday, October
>24 through Tuesday, October 28, a diverse group of permaculturists,
>entrepreneurs, community leaders, and investment strategists are
>gathering in Hohenwald, Tennessee, to transform the financial system
>from the bottom up, contributing to efforts that are spreading
>virally, creating liquidity and economic health.
>Get the Details on the Financial Permaculture Conference
>For those of you who will not be joining us in person at the
>conference, we hope you will join us in the blogosphere -- by either
>posting at your blog, commenting at one of ours, referring our blog to
>your network (www.solari.com/blog/), or just enjoying the 
>discussion.  See all http://www.financialpermaculture.org for daily 
>updates and participation.
>Here are some recent blog posts to inspire your participation:
>Financial Permaculture in Hohenwald - Final Schedule
>Principles of Financial Permaculture
>Solari Circles - An Intro for Financial Permaculture Students
>Can Our Own Communities Serve as Financial Safe Havens in Troubled
>Financial Permaculture - Meet the Finance Team
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>Financial Permaculture - Got a Comment?
>Join the Solari Prayer Team by Teleconference
>I would also like to invite you to join our Solari Prayer Team by
>phone conference line for short periods of group prayer before and
>during the conference itself. We will focus on the goals of the
>conference and the many people who are attending in various
>capacities. The prayer will be led in the Christian tradition, and we
>always invite participants on our prayer calls to take part in a way
>that is true to their own religious or spiritual path and
>Here are the details on how to join us:
>2008: Live in San Francisco DVD
>If you haven't had the opportunity yet, you can watch a video clip of
>our latest DVD, 2008: Live in San Francisco. This live presentation
>highlights material from the Solari Audio seminar: Positioning Your
>Assets for Growth in Uncertain Times.
>Watch the video clip:
>-- Catherine Austin Fitts
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