[permaculture] Friday/Oct 17 Sustainable World Radio Interview with Australian Permaculture Teacher & Designer KCSB 91.9fm, 9-10am streaming live

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Wed Oct 15 10:19:33 EDT 2008

Sustainable World Radio: Friday mornings at 9-10 
am PST on KCSB 91.9 FM in Santa Barbara, 
California and streaming live on www.kcsb.org. 
Program will be posted later 
on   www.sustainableworldradio.com, or www.radio4all.net

Join Jill Cloutier of Sustainable World Radio on 
Friday Oct 17 , for an 
interview  with  International Permaculture 
Teacher & Designer Australian Geoff Lawton,. 
Geoff presents a broad look at  applying 
permaculture to engage the world's challenges of 
peaking fossil fuels, global warming, and a 
fragile global food system---and comes to the 
conclusion "All the worlds problems can be solved in a Garden".

         From working with the aboriginals in the
Australian outback to Greening the Desert in the
Dead Sea of Jordan (see video
www.youtube.com/watch?v=sohI6vnWZmk )  to
providing post tsunami reconstruction. Geoff has
just about done it all; thinking and acting both
locally and globally. Geoff takes you on an
adventure you will never forget. Hear about his
life and times in permaculture, his journey,
work, challenges, threats and opportunities.
Whatever you do this year don’t miss this mind
blowing presentation that will leave you in awe.

         Geoff Lawton is one of the world's
foremost experts in permaculture, providing
consulting, designing, teaching and project
implementation for clients that include private
individuals, groups, communities, governments,
aid organizations, non-government organizations
and multi-national companies. Lawton has served
clients in 17 different countries, including
Jordan , Iraq , Egypt , USA , Mexico , Macedonia
, Vietnam , Costa Rica , Brazil , Ecuador , Peru
, England , Denmark , Australia and the South
Pacific. Permaculture Research Institute (
www.permaculture.org.au ). Geoff is the managing
director of The Permaculture Research Institute
from which he teaches regular Permaculture Design
Courses at Diversity Farm ­ The Channon, Northern NSW.

         Geoff takes permaculture where angels
fear to tread. His famous expression is “if
you're not living on the edge you're taking up
too much space;” and working on the edge he
pushes the boundaries and takes permaculture to new heights.

         Geoff’s career in permaculture started
when he graduated with his Permaculture Design
Certificate in 1983. He started by developing his
own suburban backyard before venturing to large
scale properties and overseas projects. He also
developed ”Permaculture Noosa” on Queensland’s
Sunshine Coast as a thriving, active community
group with over 300 members. In 1995 Geoff
achieved his Permaculture Diploma in areas of
Education, Design, Implementation, System
Establishment, Administration and Community
Development. Geoff is renowned for his earthworks designs and projects.

         In October 1997 Bill Mollison,
co-originator of Permaculture, upon his
retirement, asked Geoff to establish and direct a
new Permaculture Research Institute on the Bill's
147 acre Tagari Farm. Geoff developed the site
over three years and established  The
Permaculture Research Institute as a registered
charity and global Networking center for
permaculture projects/centers

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