[permaculture] permaculture Digest, Vol 69, Issue 2

ethan roland eroland at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 16:58:41 EDT 2008

Howdy All -

I'm more than ready to leave "sustainability" behind in the swift flow to
"regenerative". (My basic rap on this here:

However, should we not at least be aware of what "the usual pigs" are up to?
Can we learn from the strategies that the current oppressive systems are
using, so that when they show up to ANSI-define "regenerative" or
"permaculture" we have an idea what we'll be facing? Or is there some way we
could turn this perceived problem into a solution?

As a permaculture designer actively working with farmers (and developers
buying farmland) here in the Northeast, I know that this will be discussed
and chewed on by many. I'm happy to have some early info to send into my own
personal gristmill on the subject.

Cheers and happy harvest,

Ethan C. Roland

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