[permaculture] Used Septic Tanks for Rainwater?

DGilsen at aol.com DGilsen at aol.com
Thu Nov 20 21:27:48 EST 2008

You can get a septic tank cleaned out by any reputable septic service then  
you have to " sanitize" the tank with some industrial strength chlorine  
tablets.  The very first thing you must do is to dig up the downstream end  of the 
septic tank and cut the leach field end of the tank off and cap it.   you will 
need to dig down about eighteen inches dead center in the back end of  the 
tank. There, you will find the down stream end of the tank and will find the  
pipe leading to the leach field.  If you don't cap that pipe the   access rain 
water will just disappear down your leach field.  Chlorine will  dissipate in 
about three days  and while you can't drink that water it will  be good for your 
plants and out of the way you will have to have a small pump to  suck the 
rain water back out.  
     That is a good Idea.  The tanks may be only  1000 gallons but free is 
good.  If you can get a backhoe operator to bring  you fill dirt you may have a 
really good small business going.  Offer for a  small fee to dig up their  
septic tanks and have the backhoe operator just  fill the hole in with free fill 
dirt.  Then you can sell the used septic  tanks for rain water harvesting.  
Give the new buyers detailed instructions  on how to sanitize their tanks.  
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