[permaculture] pc learning

adam @ ets adam at eatthesuburbs.org
Thu Nov 20 19:00:39 EST 2008

>From Rob Hopkins at TransitionCulture.org:

> It feels vital to me that Transition doesn't repeat some of the things that
> the permaculture movement has got wrong.  As my recent post about chicken
> greenhouses<http://transitionculture.org/2008/10/20/in-search-of-the-fabled-permaculture-chickengreenhouse/>showed, one of the things permaculture has been really poor at (in my
> opinion) is on researching itself.  Enthusiastic teachers went around the
> world teaching tools and techniques, yet with no-one following up behind
> studying if these things actually worked.  I am trying to get hold of an
> electronic copy of a brilliant analysis of the Australian Permaculture
> movement by Russ Grayson which holds many important lessons for Transition,
> which I will post here when I do.  Being honest and open about what works
> and what doesn't is vital.


Two worthwhile posts there, the quoted one mostly about how to balance
enthusiasm with not pretending to have all the answers, and the linked post
about chicken greenhouses, and if they really work in practice.


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