[permaculture] Used Septic Tanks for Rainwater?

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Tue Nov 18 17:20:08 EST 2008

Hi Josh,
No direct experience, but you might find something helpful in the process of
scouring wool.

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Peter Suter
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Subject: [permaculture] Used Septic Tanks for Rainwater?

I have a question for anyone with experience or knowledge in reusing old
septic tanks
for harvested rainwater to be used for landscape irrigation.  A whole
subdivision that is currently on septic is being forced to city sewage
and as a requirement they have to destroy (infill with concrete) their
current septic tanks.  Rather than destroying these tanks, I see this as a
potential for low cost rainwater harvesting if there is a way clean them. 
We are talking hundreds of homes with the potential to begin harvesting
rainwater.  Any help or leads is appreciated.

Josh Robinson


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