[permaculture] Membership Database for Regional Permaculture Group.

Laurence Gaffney lgaffney at bigpond.com
Tue Nov 18 16:31:28 EST 2008

What approach/software are people using to manage their regional Permaculture group memberships?
What approach/software do people recommend to manage their regional Permaculture  group memberships?.
Currently using MS Excel which I am told by those who use it is not really adequate. Some members also have ethical issues with stuff.that is not "open source".  
Say total 500 -1000 members. (though currently around 300.)
Say 10-20 local subsidiary groups
Membership applications and renewals on line through a web site may be a future "enhancement" required.  
Regional group incorporated/not for profit. 
All volunteer/unpaid labour.

Laurence Gaffney

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