[permaculture] GIS Revisited with permaculture, homesteading, etc

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Tue Nov 18 00:39:06 EST 2008

Rich Blaha wrote:
> Hi Lawrence
> I'm not certain if the Leadtek unit would do what you describe, but I don't have any experience with it.  Caveats of that particular unit are accuracy (10m, which is a big distance on a farm scale), and the output format.  GPS Trackmaker can read a lot of formats, and the Leadtek supports NMEA 0183 (a standard GPS format) which TM can read, but in my experience you'll be scratching your head some making that work.  

I'll look for a more accurate unit than the Leadtek. Sounds like the Garmin would be the way to go.

> The Cybertracker link posted looks interesting...I'll be digging some into that one myself

There are a lot of useful links there plus documented uses for the technology with project graphics.

> Here's a scenario.....
> Take the GPS to your site, and map the elements of interest...property corners, trees of note, tillage boundaries, ponds.  
> On non-point elements (polygons or lines), walk the perimeter, taking points along the way, or engage a tracking function, if available (Garmin, and others have this)

"tracking function", aha. That must be the "record" feature I was interested in. I guess the GIS software can calculate 
areas given the necessary coordinates, even if they represent polygons; they are probably all polygons (and sections of 
the surface of a sphere) unless you track using a surveyor's transit electronically coupled to a GPS.?

> Take the GPS to your computer and plug it in (or Bluetooth it), and open the GPSTrackmaker software.  Download all of your points and tracks, 
> and save them as a shapefile (a GIS standard file).  

> Open the GIS software, and add some new elements into a shapefile (new plantings, ponds, access roads).  
> Then open that file again in Trackmaker, and upload it into the GPS.  Walk the property with those points, and you will be able to pinpoint all of your features on the site.

And which GIS software are you recommending?

> That's a real quick and dirty rundown.  Let me know if it helps

That's a great start and much help. I'll do more online research.

BTW, anyone in the list using Kombucha or making their own culture for infusions?

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