[permaculture] Be nice please

Food Forests foodforests at mac.com
Wed Nov 12 13:55:34 EST 2008

>Subject: Be nice please
Permaculture is about care of the earth, earth of people and sharing..not flaming.  Can everyone please be nice.  Im keen on debate but not digs.


Hi Pango, word up yo-
sure, that request is a fine sentiment...but...
i'm not expecting it to happen on this list, given what's found in the archives:

Using the parlance of the recent US election, there are a lot of "mavericks" on this list, earthy people who react against what they believe is wrong, and sometimes go ad hominem on each other. this includes some of the most experienced PDC teachers, thinkers, and... what?... just like crocodile bill is famous for doing himself. this is a good place to stay attentive, be responsible for your own demeanor, and be prepared for for when folks it up, all prickly-pioneer species-stylie.

if you're looking for people being nice to each other online, a "compassionate communication" listserv might be a good balance to this one.



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