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<http://www.tagari.com/?p=245>Bill Mollison, Geoff Lawton and Greg 
Knibbs combine forces to teach the PERMACULTURE DESIGN CERTIFICATE COURSE


Monday 22nd September through to Saturday 4th October 2008 . 
Melbourne University

"This course has already changed a lot of the world - Come help us 
finish the job!" ~ Bill Mollison April 27, 2005

BILL MOLLISON, the legendary Permaculture teacher, promoter and 
designer - who, over 26 years of non-stop travelling, designing, 
teaching and writing, personally planted the seeds of Permaculture in 
over 120 countries. Bill is the founding director of The Permaculture 
Institute, the first and longest running Permaculture Institute in existence.

GEOFF LAWTON who is world renowned for field expertise and extensive 
teaching experience in the ecological "badlands" of Earth, areas of 
extreme cultural conflicts, as well as more friendly environments. 
Founding director of the acclaimed Permaculture Research Institute, 
Geoff is working in more countries and co-ordinating more projects on 
the ground than any other Permaculture Institute today.


GREG KNIBBS is a passionate Permaculture designer and teacher who has 
worked in Africa and the Philippines over many years. Greg is the 
founding Director of International Permaculture Services and brings 
to the course a wealth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of 
Permaculture Design.

Earth's ecosystems are in crisis. Permaculture offers practical, 
sustainable solutions. You can be part of the exciting adventure of 
positive world change.


To book in and register please click here and follow the instructions 
or send an email to sales at tagari.com

We encourage you to book early to avoid disappointment and to take 
advantage of the early bird discounts available.

The venue for this course is Trinity College, Melbourne University. 
We have booked an excellent Lecture Theatre (see photo below). 
Delicious morning and afternoon teas are provided and accommodation 
is available at mgordon at trinity.unimelb.edu.au (Trinity College) or 
nearby for students. A course brochure is available from 
sales at tagari.com .. If you have questions you can ring the 
Permaculture Institute 61 (0) 3 6445 0945, the Convenor, Tony Watkins 
61 (0) 3 9762 6356 mob. 61 (0) 427626326 or The Permaculture Research 
Institute 61 (0) 2 6688 6578 and we will be pleased to assist you. 
Information is also available at www.tagari.com and www.permaculture.org.au

This course is the full 72 hour Permaculture Design Certificate 
course including all theory and practical exercises necessary to 
enable a student to become a Permaculture designer and teacher and 
can lead on to full teacher registration and Diploma of Permaculture 
Design with the Permaculture Institute.

<http://www.tagari.com/?p=222>Permaculture Design for Islands with 
Bill Mollison

Permaculture Design for Islands and Shorelines

With Bill Mollison

Bocas Del Toro PANAMA

16th, 17th 18th, 19th July 2008
Lectures begin on the 16th 9 am, please arrive on the 15th, Lectures 
end at noon on the 19th, please be prepared to leave on the 19th.

$1,500 AUD including accommodation and food.

About the Course

Energy Systems
Water handling
Padi culture
Sealing of sands and corals
Palm PolyCulture
Appropriate Building Strategies for the tropics
Lagoon Culture

Class hours will be from 9 am to noon and from 4 pm to 7pm with the 
afternoon off.

About Bill's island Experience

This is a rare event. Bill, retired from a heavy teaching and 
traveling routine sometime ago, but as the years go by he finds time 
to travel and teach subjects he is passionate about.

Having been born and reared on the island of Tasmania, Islands hold a 
special place in Bill's heart and fascination. The first voyages of 
Bill's Permaculture travels and teaching took place on the islands of 
Hawaii where Bill taught Permaculture and installed systems. One 
forest is in plain view from the window of plane as you fly into 
Honolulu. Elder Hawaiian's reported they had not seen such taro as 
the taro yielded from the Permaculture Taro dryland Padis.

Work on the Canaries, due to their incredibly low annual rainfall 
took a quite a different approach, but calling on Permaculture skills 
and strategies the results were just as satisfactory and perhaps even 
more so, considering the challenge of the location.

In the Sechelles, engaged by His majesty, Sh' Aran Pahlevi, Bill's 
Permaculture skills were applied to the re-design and on-going 
management of a large coconut plantation in the Amarantes.

Many courses were taught by Bill in Palau where the need of the 
people centered around rehabilitation of shoreline and tidal padis.

And while Bill's travel and Permaculture work has found him giving 
courses, designing or installing food production and energy systems 
on the Islands of Newfoundland, Iceland, Whiddy Island. Orcas Island, 
Flinders Island to name a few, this course will have a heavy emphasis 
on Permaculture Design for tropical and sub-tropical islands.

About the Venu

Please go to the web site to check out the venu and accommodation.

You need to arrive on the 15th of July and leave on the 19th of July. 
You don't need to book in- We take care of that. The location is 
out-of-town and the rooms options are mixed. To make it easy, we will 
place each student into a room or bed that seems appropriate. All 
meals and accommodation are included in the price, so some will have 
a single bed and where appropriate and beds are available doubles 
will be available. We'll do the best we can. And as it is only for 
three nights, everyone ought to be happy. Bill will be eating meals 
with students and evenings after lecture. This is a special 
experience for those who attend.

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