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we are the Aftershock Action Alliance in NYC (www.aftershockaction.org). We are an anarchist Emergency Preparedness collective that is looking beyond the Common Ground model for disasters and organizing in Queens and Brooklyn. We have a special emphasis on sustainability when it comes to disaster relief and resistance. We would be interested in presenting a workshop or skill-share at the Confluence. If you guys are interested please let us know.

In solidarity & resistance,

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> Subject: [permaculture] Northeastern Climate Justice Camp - The Confluence
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> Date: Tuesday, May 20, 2008, 11:03 AM
> Here is a general invitation to a gathering this summer that
> I am  
> helping to organize. Hope to see you there!
> rafter t. sass
> The Liberation Ecology Project
> liberationecology.org
> 518-567-7407
> skype: raughter
> You are Invited to the Northeast Climate Confluence
> The Northeast Climate Confluence will be a four-day
> gathering for  
> people from all over this region to share stories about
> work that's  
> being done to build a better world and discuss how climate
> change  
> will affect that work and the place we call home. We live
> at a  
> critical point in history, and this is an opportunity to
> strengthen  
> our ties, strategize for action, identify the current gaps
> in our  
> organizing, and find solutions close to home. We want to
> hear from  
> you during the planning process, and we'd love it if
> you could be  
> part of the event.
> Our Vision:
> A “confluence” is a place where rivers or storm fronts
> meet and  
> become more powerful. The idea for the Northeast Climate
> Confluence  
> is that it will be a place for people from a wide array of
> movements  
> to encounter one another, share knowledge and skills, and
> develop  
> strategies for building a better world. There will be a
> strong focus  
> on environmental and economic justice, direct action, and
> the  
> development of skills and plans to respond to the
> challenges ahead.
> 	There will be several “tracks” of workshops and
> presentations during  
> the Confluence, including a track designed especially for
> Youth.  
> Throughout the event, we will have workshops on a diverse
> range of  
> subjects, from Understanding Climate Science, to the Prison
> Industrial Complex, to Radical Sustainability for
> Autonomous  
> Communities, and much more. The Confluence will of course
> include  
> workshops, panels, speakers and discussions, but it's
> also a  
> celebration, so expect lots of performances, music, and
> art, too.
> The Most Important Part: You!
> The people who have been organizing the Confluence are
> committed to  
> creating a space for movements, organizations, and
> individuals in the  
> Northeast to meet one another, and begin creating a future
> that works  
> for all of us. We see our role largely as providing
> infrastructure to  
> do this. We're working to get together supplies, funds,
> space, food,  
> and invitations to organizations. We want to invite you to
> come to  
> the Confluence, but we also want to know if you might be
> able to  
> present a workshop about what you're working on,
> perform, create art,  
> or be involved in coordinating any other aspect of the week
> or local  
> organizing in the time between now and then.
> 	We're looking for people who are resisting prisons,
> defending  
> indigenous sovereignty and sacred sites, healing polluted
> land,  
> fighting gentrification, dismantling white supremacy,
> growing food in  
> the city, practicing permaculture, organizing communities,
> asserting  
> immigrants' rights, monitoring police, opposing
> patriarchy,  
> reclaiming land, organizing against poverty, defending wild
> places,  
> creating their own media, teaching true histories, stopping
> corporate  
> and colonial expansion, making music and art that says what
> we need  
> to see and hear... you get the idea, right?
> Location:
> The Confluence will be happening at the Epworth Camp and
> Retreat  
> Center in High Falls, NY. It is a beautiful space to relax
> and to  
> focus. Most people will be camping, but there will also be
> a limited  
> number of beds and cots. We don't expect everyone to
> have their own  
> camping equipment, so we'll have some tents and
> sleeping bags to  
> spare. Food will be provided at no charge. We are hoping to
> coordinate some amount of transportation from major cities
> and  
> transportation centers in the area.
> Goals:
> The Northeast Climate Confluence aims to kick-start a
> regional  
> disaster response network. We mean ‘disaster’ in a very
> broad sense;  
> we want to be better able to respond to both ‘natural’
> disasters and  
> the unnatural disasters that people face in their
> communities every  
> day. The main elements of this disaster response network
> might  
> include local food networks, accessible health care
> projects,  
> autonomous energy, first-responder trainings, access to
> land and  
> housing, and networks of defense from violent authorities
> (such as  
> police, prisons, and immigration enforcement). We're
> going to need to  
> figure out what to do if a major storm hits the Northeast
> and causes  
> flooding and displacement. We need to be able to feed
> ourselves as  
> oil becomes scarce and gas prices rise. We need to do
> everything we  
> can to reverse global warming. We need to link struggles,
> get off the  
> grid, stop being dependent on systems that threaten our
> lives and  
> hurt our communities, and create a world based on respect
> and justice.
> 	The Confluence is a response to global warming - the
> disruption of  
> the planet's climate caused by industrial pollution
> that threatens  
> all life on Earth. Global warming/global climate change is
> a central  
> focus, as one of the major emergencies we need to address
> during our  
> lifetimes. However, we realize that we can't simply
> talk about the  
> issue of climate change and ignore the hundreds of other
> issues that  
> it is deeply connected to. We are trying to address the
> political and  
> social “climate” as well as the Earth's changing
> climate. It is the  
> combination of both that is already bringing us highly
> visible  
> disasters like Hurricane Katrina, along with hidden
> disasters in our  
> neighborhoods and worldwide
> 	At the same time, there is so much amazing grassroots work
> being  
> done all over our region and all over the world to
> celebrate, share,  
> and learn from. People are creating and preserving positive
> alternatives and resisting oppression everywhere. Finding
> and growing  
> those alternatives and that resistance are what this
> gathering is  
> about and that's why we're contacting you to be a
> part of it.
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