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Good to hear from you Tomas, interesting to hear your overview.

Your paragraph about course content, a lot of specificity to humid-temperate raises something that has been a factor in the design of our diploma process, that students present not only their 'masterpiece' but also their format etc for how they would run a design course. I feel strongly  that it is essential that courses fully cover the designers manual contents cover to cover, you never know where you will end up designing and more importantly as the Diploma gives you the "right" to lead design courses you never know who will turn up and where they come from/going back to.

It might be extreme to say  that any Designer who leads pdc's should have personal direct experience of all aspects/ecosystems/environments but they surely must have a fully developed knowledge and understanding of how PmC is applied in them.

Frankly I often feel with PDC's and Diploma that I'm tinkering with a machine that could do with an entire system overhaul. Maybe a dream scenario would be that a Certificate course would be over a year with designers manual modules taught be those with direct experience, leading into 2nd year developing your work/designs/projects with more advanced courses eventually leading to diploma. Parallel to this could be an apprenticeship scheme. Or something......

Stella set up this  http://permacultureinstitute.pbwiki.com/EuropeAcademies   to try and help all the people looking at diploma process and pdc's be nice if more people put their stuff up.  The international bit is here http://permacultureinstitute.pbwiki.com/DiplomaGroup   again..........




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Re: [permaculture] 9-day PDC??
Hi all, just joined this list. Someone asked what the British situation is
regarding courses, diploma certificates etc. Two words: in flux. We've
just kicked off a discussion within our teachers network which covers
exactly those issues you're debating. The diploma system is currently
being re-designed, the new system should be launched at our next national
convergence in early september. I'm not part of that process, but i can
ask about that. As for design courses: there are plenty of different
formats, some of which are

extended programmes - e.g Ragman's Lane's 3-month sustainable land use course
2 or 3 week residentials
split residentials - e.g. 2x1 week, 3 long weekends
day courses, e.g 3X4 days midweek
evening classes
combinations of the above

All this reflects the principle of diversity of students, teachers and
venues, and the pragmatism of working with a variety of constraints.

In terms of content, the Designers manual is the base line, but a lot of
courses focus on humid temperate systems and have a urban bias, reflecting
the specific conditions in the UK. Arid systems just don't occur much on
this rainy island (although thay may yet change ...) The courses I know of
include designs with and for people.

Most (maybe all?) certificates in this country are given out through the
Permacultue Association (PAB), which i guess simplifies the question of
who carries the can regarding quality. The PAB is widely (though not
universally) seen as contact point for courses.
Interesting and encouraging to hear that France is developing its own
diploma system. The Germans already have one, it seems very thorough (what
else would you expect?) and includes pre-accreditation presentations,
usually a year before actual accreditation. Their latest version uses the
Pattern Language approach - could be useful to look at that for others?

I agree with Steve on his both points, that each culture/country needs to
develop its own appropriate system, and that some sort of international
coordination needs to take place to ensure compatibility of the resulting
diplomas. Once we've got our own system sorted, it would be good to talk
to folks in other countries who are working on this.

so much for a By no means complete overview about Bpermaculture teaching
in Britain. If anyone is interested in seeing the extensive notes from our
recent teachers weekend, which goes into ridiculous detail and looks at
possible future development, i may be able to send it to you.

All the best to all of you


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