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Thanks, Darren for sharing an Aussie perspective.  I appreciate hearing more about APT, that type of diversification of 'the experience' and the potential to inform mainstream environmental education with "participatory ecology" (as I call it) sounds promising, and hopefully can influence the very disparate efforts to do youth PC education here in North America (and Hawaii).  
And thanks Steve, for insight to the French system.  It has me realize (again) the tremendous value of our network and this list-serve.  

Anyone from Britain or the UK care to share details of your certification organization?  Kiwis?  Any other countries well-organized out there?

Steve, one thing about here in the states, there hasn't been any functional 'Diploma' organization at all.  The few designers with Diplomas I know have them from the British Institution.  I know there may be some people working on a different system..  maybe we can here from them?

Thanks again, everyone.

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