[permaculture] Green Party candidate Genest carries Gore'smessage

Scott Pittman scott at permaculture.org
Fri May 2 16:20:20 EDT 2008

I agree with Bob.  I am not sure why everyone is so in love with Gore.  He
put together a great multimedia show and then totally dropped the ball with
any solutions - I thought his movie lulled most of the population back to
sleep with "everythings ok if you change your light bulbs and support

I saw him as the keynote speaker in Argentina at a big Monsanto sponsored
conference on gmo biofuel future for the steps of that country.  He was paid
a lot of money to shill for the chem. Ag crowd.

It seems we are easily held in thrall by media hip promoters.

Scott Pittman
Permaculture Institute
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I am very sorry to see that the Green Party thinks 
that Al Gore's name is something they want to be 
associated with.  "How soon we forget" that while 
he was Vice President of the United States, a 
million Iraqi civilians -- half of them 
children! -- died as a consequence of the brutal 
blockade we maintained against the Iraqi civilian 
economy.  Sure, the blockade was established by 
Bush I, but Clinton-Gore maintained it with 
bloodthirsty efficiency.  Al Gore never challenged 
the blockade, and in fact defended it on numerous 

As long as we adulate mass murderers, we will be 
led by mass murderers.  Mass murder is 
antithetical to permaculture, especially on the 
scale typically wielded by governments.

Bob Waldrop, Oklahoma City

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Genest carries Gore's message

> Green Party candidate Genest carries Gore's 
> message
> By Andrew King
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