[permaculture] BD Now! china seeks India's services as political prostitute

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Sun Mar 30 21:51:09 EDT 2008

Ron Ashmore wrote:
> LL,
> I agree. I believe in a total Olympic boycott. The Chinese know that if the 
> Tibetan protest stands that it is the end of China as we know it. If the 

That will happen if we persevere in our efforts to ensure that it does.
The BD & permaculture folks reading about events as they unfold are only a drop
in the bucket but the ripple effect ...... and Googling the pc archives .........

> Tibetans are successful all hell will break loose. That's why they are 
> holding on so tight. Maybe the first crack in the great wall. Of course our 

I hope so. This is their best chance for a long time to come as a generation will nearly have come and gone by the
time china gets the olympics again, _if ever_. May that will be an incentive for them to relent and honor the Tibetans
now rather than later. An academic in the London School of Economics was interviewed on the BBC or maybe NPR and said 
that twenty percent of all mainland Chinese are completely sympathetic towards the Tibetans and their cause and many
if not most of them are Buddhist. If these Chinese were allowed to speak and act freely with regard to Tibet they
would offer an immediate outpouring of support for the Tibetans.

> government of fear will be the last to stand up for freedom.

Thats too depressing to think about.

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China seeks India Tibet backing
Tibetan refugees protest in India. File photo
India has not allowed large-scale Tibetan protests

A senior Chinese official has urged India to "understand and support" China's policy towards Tibet, following recent
unrest there.
 >>They want the world to gang up on the Tibetans and support their
 >>unprovoked invasion, occupation and abuse of Tibet and Tibetans.
 >>It will never fly.

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