[permaculture] Two-person Shovel

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Sat Mar 29 22:40:15 EDT 2008

Robyn Francis wrote:

> The 'two-person shovel' technique was invented for pitting by hand in arid
> zones to make the job easier. I'm sure it could reduce the backstrain
> involved in moving soil for small ditches etc.
> Dunno about attaching a second rigid handle for the job - The rope provides
> flexibility for the second person who simply gives a small tug - the
> flexibility includes adjusting one's proximity to the shovel and flying
> objects...

I have a picture of one operated by two Afgan farmers in the field.
Its buried in a folder somewhere in my archives; looked for it earlier today with no luck
but I know it is there. It is a pretty simple devie; a long handled sharp point shovel
operated by one with a rope and handlebar tied to the handle near the top of the shovel blade
operated by another. It would be useful for earth moving; i.e. preparing terraced gardens;
cut and fill.

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