[permaculture] Two-person Shovel

Robyn Francis erda at nor.com.au
Sat Mar 29 21:47:01 EDT 2008

The 'two-person shovel' technique was invented for pitting by hand in arid
zones to make the job easier. I'm sure it could reduce the backstrain
involved in moving soil for small ditches etc.
Dunno about attaching a second rigid handle for the job - The rope provides
flexibility for the second person who simply gives a small tug - the
flexibility includes adjusting one's proximity to the shovel and flying

On 30/3/08 1:47 AM, "tom" <tom at honeychrome.com> wrote:

> I've come across a couple illustrations of a 'two-person shovel' in
> permaculture texts.  Is this just a 'regular' shovel with a cord with
> a handle tied to it, or is it a specific tool?  Googling doesn't come
> up with much.  I have a considerable amount of diversion ditch and
> swale digging to do and anything to make it easier would of course be
> appreciated.  Suppose we could try the cord-and-handle thing, but
> seems like a second rigid handle would maybe be more effective.
> Anyone have any info, etc. on this?
> Thanks
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