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There are quite a few references to the double shovel (shovel with rope) in various books, in the "Cottagers companion" by RD Savage for example, great book, unfortunate title. It works quite well esp for swaling where you are berming one side up, there is, as with most things an apprenticeship to do, but its worth persisting, there is the obvious point that shovels are for shovelling and spades for digging (this may be an English English thing of course), the point being that the rope addition works much less well for the short handled english style spade but works well for the longer handled, ace of spades head shaped European spade. 

I tried adding a pivoting leg to a spade but couldn't be bothered with it after a while. Explosives are another option of course, sodium chlorate, sugar ;......... ;-) If you want a wide shallow swale then fencing and mob stocking with pigs ?



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Re: [permaculture] Two-person Shovel
I've come across a couple illustrations of a 'two-person shovel' in  
permaculture texts.  Is this just a 'regular' shovel with a cord with  
a handle tied to it, or is it a specific tool?  Googling doesn't come  
up with much.  I have a considerable amount of diversion ditch and  
swale digging to do and anything to make it easier would of course be  
appreciated.  Suppose we could try the cord-and-handle thing, but  
seems like a second rigid handle would maybe be more effective.   
Anyone have any info, etc. on this?
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