[permaculture] what about lubrication?

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I?have been following this conversation with interest. I am not an expert on biofuels, but the missing question with all of this, is what quantity of biofuels and biolubricants can be sustainably harvested without damaging ecosystems, and impacting the production of food for the world's population. I suspect not enough to permit the burning of biofuels at the rate we currently burn fossil fuels. That implies that we are going to have a lot less energy to run vehicles, and a lot less vehicles.? So that also suggests that we should be putting a lot of thinking into alternative ways of doing things that don't involve the mass use of vehicles for transportation and as labor saving devices. It will be the hugest reallocation of resources since the industrial revolution. It will be in fact the reversal of how the industrial revolution has allocated resources.

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trevor william johnson wrote:
> i just saw david bloom speak on a youtube video and he said that  
> brazil imports no oil what so ever.  what about lubrication oil for  
> the engine?  how can we make this out of renewable resources?

    There are a lot of synthetic oils on the market today, and, in fact,
if you love your engine, you should be using them rather than petro oils
as they are much superior, reducing friction and heat. That's not to say
they are made from all renewable sources, but it's a start.
    Also, biodiesel works great for two-stroke lubrication -- the gas
mix in chainsaws, etc. Canola oil works great for the bar/chain lube in
chainsaws, except when it gets too cold.

Harmon Seaver
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