[permaculture] Comfrey emergency!!

Scott Pittman scott at permaculture.org
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Place six straw bales in a rectangle with an open center then find some old
windows that will span the open space and rest on the strawbales.  Place
this on the south side of your house with some sort of mass inside the straw
plaza you have created, could be water filled milk cartons or bricks etc.

Keep your comfrey cozy in this little cold frame until spring is sprung!

Scott Pittman
Permaculture Institute
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Thanks for the info on the Cabbage Maggots, now onto the next question...

I purchased a few comfrey roots (russian) form horizon herbs. When I got
them there was no info provided so I stored them in  my fridge like I do
hops rhizomes. Then a little later I contacted HH and the owner said I
should plant the comfrey right away, so the next morning I went down into my
basement and planted them in whatever pots I had and some potting soil. Now
they are growing quite fast in my basement sans any light. I wonder is this
okay, or will they grow too spindly without sun? I don't have much room in
my place to put them with any sun exposure. Also, would they freeze if I put
them outside? I am in zone 4a in Minneapolis, MN. I want to help these
plants thrive but they are growing fast and my last frost date is in May.
What the hell should I do?
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