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Subject: [SANET-MG] no growth hormone in milk at walmark or sams club
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 06:20:32 -0700
From: sals <sals3 at COX.NET>

is it true that the USA is understanding that the people do not want these
GMOs  and will not be forced to take it anymore.
I hear that wal mart and Sams club is no longer selling milk from cows
injected with gMOs .  to bad the USDA is contaminating the whole earth
with their abomination their GMOs and their lab made transgenetic life forms
as they have done with their pesticides and  now the earth is saying no way
yet the USDA has force fed people and contaminated the whole earth so we
have no  choice .   LABEL your transgenetic bs so a free man can choose
freely. and give a hoot don't pollute the whole earth.  the USDA gets mad at
whole countries because these countries don't want our GMOs  contaminating
their land and I am glad to see them stand up for choice.  its easy to stop
hormones in milk just stop injecting but what about this other stuff that is
living and can not be controlled.  will the USDA fall on it face once again
and be known for their love of money more than the care of mankind.  lets
get back to real organic and skip this new organic lie.  LABEL.  when you
take a gene and change the dna of life forms Label because most folks if
given a choice will choose no GMO.  look at MILK. good example showing we
don't want your lab made gene engendered food and those that want it should
be able to get it so label.  what are u scared of USDA the people who you
are supposed to serve.  .  and don't release stuff that contaminates others
that don't want it.  your wrong you been wrong and it will manifest I just
hope it will not be too late because they are contaminating the whole earth
with living abominations.  look at milk once folks found out they can buy
milk not from injected cows the non gmo milk has been growing even though
the USDA fought tooth and nail to not label.  i can see why.

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