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Mon Mar 24 17:06:07 EDT 2008

rafter t. sass wrote:
> http://www.alcoholcanbeagas.com/
> It's gotten rave reviews from all the permies I know who've read it.  
> It's apparently beyond comprehensive.
> Provide us with your own review if you get it!
> best,
> rafter

    Yup, it is absolutely fantastic. If we could have had all the info
in this book back 30-40 years ago, when Blume first tried to get this
published, I really think the world would be a different place now. I
know my life would be quite different.
   He was a writer/editor for Mother Earth News back then, did a bunch
of stuff for MEN on alcohol fuel, then wrote the first version of this
book and did a PBS series on it, but after the first show aired, the oil
companies called up PBS and told them to can it or they'd cut off all
donations, so PBS caved in. And also stopped publication of this book.
Took a long time for Blume to get back control of the book -- and, of
course, he's learned a whole lot more since then and written a lot of
new stuff.
   I can't recommend this book highly enough! And it comes with a DVD of
Blume giving a lengthy workshop on the subject, which he says to
everybody is free to play in public venues, like community meetings,
etc. I also heard him speak at the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair last
year, he's great!
    There's an online interview with Blume here:


Harmon Seaver

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