[permaculture] Santa Barbara City College Adult Ed Spring Calendar Offers Intro Permaculture Workshop/April 12, 13, 2008

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Hi Everyone-

Good News!  An extraordinary opportunity, the Spring calendar for 
Santa Barbara City College Adult Education programs is out (also 
available on-line) offering a free Introductory Permaculture two day 
workshop with Brock Dolman from Occidental Arts & Ecology Center 
(OAEC).  This is wonderful for those of you wanting to learn a bit 
more about permaculture before committing to the longer two week 
Permaculture Design Course (PDC) offered by many excellent 
permaculture teachers in our area.

This Adult Ed program heralds the launch of the Santa Barbara City 
College Center for Sustainability www.sustainability.sbcc.edu.  Adam 
Green, Environmental Studies Program Coordinator and Director of the 
Center for Sustainability , took his Permaculture Design Course with 
Brock Dolman.  Both are biologists, with a passion for watersheds, so 
don't miss this chance to learn about Permaculture from this 
particular perspective.

The Intro to Permaculture Workshop takes place on April 12 & 13 (Sat 
& Sun), and is preceded by two evening lectures Thurs April 10, 7pm & 
Fri. April 11,  7pm. See the lectures and workshop descriptions 
below, or go to the SBCC Adult Education website to view the Spring 
Calendar on-line:. http://ce.sbcc.edu, (see page 32).

Margie Bushman
SB Permaculture Network
Adult Ed Schedule
Continuing Education Division/Santa Barbara City College
Please check website
regularly for updates:


Permaculture and Watershed Ecology
In 2007, after a year of planning and development,
Santa Barbara City College established
a Center for Sustainability. The mission
for the Center is "To initiate and support
the understanding and practice of sustainability
within college curriculum, on our
campuses and in our community."

Adult Education plays a very active and ongoing
role in program development and
implementation of sustainable practices on
our campuses. We have a long history of
environmental education and now look forward
to working more closely with the credit
division in developing programs for the college
and the community. Join Brock Dolman,
Catherine Gautier and Art Ludwig this spring
for lectures, workshops and site visits that will
inform and enable you to begin to develop
sustainable practices in your daily lives.

Basins of Relations:
Thinking like a Watershed Lecture
Water is our most important resource yet we
face issues of water shortage and run-off pollution,
two problems that can become one
solution. Join permaculture designer and
watershed expert Brock Dolman to investigate
how changing our thinking and our
design to slow, spread, and sink water on our
property we can use less potable water,
decrease flooding, improve water quality,
stream structure and function, increase
groundwater recharge, enhance wildlife habitat,
provide short term and long term economic
benefits and improve local aesthetics.
This class is essential and useful for anyone
who drinks or uses water.
Thursday, April 10, SBCC, BC Forum, Fe Bland Auditorioum, West Campus -
7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Introduction to Permaculture Lecture & Workshop
Permaculture seeks to meet basic human
needs while regenerating and sustaining natural
systems. It is a belief and design system
rooted firmly in applied ecology, proven sustainable
practice, and protracted observation
of living systems that holds great promise as a
solution to our environmental crises. Our
environmental and social challenges can be
overwhelming. Permaculture provides us with
the tools to make our lifestyle, living space,
and community part of the solution while
maintaining a high quality of life.
Permaculture Designer, Brock Dolman, will
provide a broad stroke introductory lecture of
the ideas followed by a more in depth weekend
class that will present the basic history,
ethics and principles that guide permaculture
design. We will discuss applications of permaculture
with lectures, group exercises, field
tour and group design exercise. Topics will
range from water catchment, polycultural
food production, alternative energy, passive
solar, natural building, site design, and more.
You can attend either or both the lecture and
weekend course.
Friday, April 11, Lecture, SBCC, BC Forum, Fe Bland Auditorium, West Campus -
7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Intro to Permaculture, Weekend 2 Day Workshop:
Saturday, April 12,
SBCC,  East Campus, Room # EBS 309 - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sunday, April 13,
SBCC, East Campus, Room # EBS 309 - 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Brock Dolman is a biologist, innovative
design consultant, and nationally recognized
permaculture educator, having co-instructed
28 two-week permaculture design certificate
(PDC's) courses. He is a co-founder of both
the Sowing Circle LLC intentional community
and the widely acclaimed Occidental Arts
and Ecology Center (OAEC).
He has extensive experience in irrigation,
uplands and riparian watershed management,
natural building, wildlife biology, native plant
botany, organic agriculture, perennial polyculture,
sustainable forestry, seed saving, wildlands
biodiversity preservation, school garden
teacher training and school garden installation,
alternative energy systems, consensus
community and participatory social organizing
methodologies. He is founder of OAEC's
Basins of Relations four-day residential watershed
training, which has resulted in the formation
of 27 community-based watershed
groups in Northern and Central California.
He is on the appointed board of the Sonoma
County Fish and Wildlife Commission.

Adam Green, moderator. . . . . . . 90922401
Apr. 10, 11, 12 & 13
Cosponsor: Santa Barbara Permaculture Network

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