[permaculture] King Corn

Andrew French alienbuddha at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 09:02:10 EDT 2008

I just watched King Corn and found it to be somewhat interesting, though I
question the methodology used, as using conventional agriculture techniques
on any one acre of land is one more acre of land cut out of organic
production for a period of time. I feel, though, that the movie may be a
really good tool for outreach  to those communities that may perhaps
understand the unsustainability of commodity crops, but may not understand
that we are all made of corn, or that corn is the prevalent ingredient in
our daily consumptive lives.

On the other hand, the movie doesn't offer any practical advice on how to
create a sustainable alternative to commodity crops, nor does it present any
real alternatives that actually exist, in terms of farming, so I was left
with a somewhat empty feeling at the end. Nice production, little substance.


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