[permaculture] Boycott the Olympics ....

Charles de Matas cdematas at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 22 17:06:21 EDT 2008

   There is the much greater threat of re-colonization by Europe (through their EPA and other trade arragements) and by the U.S. corporatocracy.  These threats are far greater than any imaginary threat by the Chinese.    The Chinese think that are surrounded by barbarians - in the south, the north, the east and the west.  I'm beginning to think they are right.  I may be a wimpering ass, but there are men and women in the caribbean of great strength, endurance and character, and they will prove it in the Olympics.
   Some of you on this list should go to Jamaica and tell them they shouldn't send Asafa Powell or Veronica Campbell to the Olympics.  The Jamaicans will tell you where you can put your boycotting ideas.  Or go to the Bahamas and suggest to them that they should not send their women sprinters. I'd like to see their reaction.
Wimpering Ass
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