[permaculture] Boycott the Olympics ....

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Fri Mar 21 16:55:43 EDT 2008

Scott Pittman wrote:

> While I agree with the sentiment of the following letter, even though it
> would mean that the U.S.A. repressive regime couldn't host the Olympics, I
> do believe that "whimpering ass" is a little out of the ball park of our
> agreement on how to deport ourselves on this list.

Right you are.
And it detracts from the point I wanted to make:

 >> When the world powers allow the chinese to move into (fill in the blank>

Keywords: "world powers allow"

Nevermind the new world order stuff; its as simple as the governments of the developed nations of the world
being unresponsive to the root causes of such things as the situation in Tibet, and Nepal, and Burma, and Cambodia.
... that is when they are not acutally directly responsible for those situations.

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