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Subject: [SANET-MG] Advance Sowing / Pasture Cropping workshop
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 07:54:21 -0400
From: Michael Snow <msnow at VALLEY.NET>

Good morning all,

I've recently be in touch with Bruce Maynard of Australia.  He's
pioneered a method of sowing crops directly into pasture called
Advance Sowing.  He and another Aussie, Colin Seis (Pasture Cropping)
expect to be in the U.S. this summer and is/are available to teach a
2-day workshop here in Maryland, if we can put it together.  This is
really fascinating stuff, involving grazing/mowing/dormancy then
sowing crop (ie a C4 grass or native perennial) directly in.  They
find lower inputs, lower costs, higher diversity, higher profits.

I'd like to make this happen.  The trick for us is the cost of the
workshop - he's asked $450 a participant.  If twenty commit, Mr. Seis
can come as well.  I'm not sure we can swallow the $4500 - $9000
commitment if we can't get that many participants.  Pretty sure,
actually.  So I have a few questions:

is there anyone on this list interested in attending a workshop like
is this, in fact, a very high price for growers and educators?
are there government or other agencies (Rodale, NRCS, Extension) who
does or might be interested in sponsoring an event like this?
is there money out there available to provide assistance or

Below are a few links to offer a little background.  While they face
different conditions (from the east, at least), these are stimulating

Thank you in advance - any help is much appreciated!

Mike Snow

Advance Sowing: http://www.watershedlandcare.com.au/downloads/Working%
Pasture Cropping: http://www.watershedlandcare.com.au/downloads/
google search: advance sowing, bruce maynard, pasture cropping, colin
seis, lazy farming

Michael Snow

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The Accokeek Foundation
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