[permaculture] Boycott the Olympics ....

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Thu Mar 20 18:40:01 EDT 2008

Charles de Matas wrote:
> It's not in every country that athletes make big money and are treated like celebrities.  

In some countries they have to work very hard with little resources, and have to compete with atheletes

from countries that are trained with sophisticated technology.  I doubt the sports boycott on apartheid

south africa had much of an effect, there were always ways to get around it.  Why didn't the western countries

impose more severe trade restrictions and boycotts at that time?

Who supplied their racist regime with arms and traded with them?
> Charles.

Tell you what Charles. When the world powers allow the chinese to move into Trinidad and reinstitute slavery
and put your whimpering ass to work out in the fields whacking sugar cane or working in a cement plant
or worse then we will hear it from you.

I have all the respect in the world for the athletes; the situation in Tibet is not their fault. There should be more
regularly scheduled international sports competition apart from the Olympics. The Olympics should never be held in 
countries with repressive regimes. It is fortuituous for the Tibetans that the olympics are being held in china as
they have a once in many years oppportunity to let the world know about their plight at the hands of the chinese thugs 
that run the chinese government and military. We should do the most we can to help the Tibetans make the most of it.

I ran track in prep school and think that it is the ultimate sport.

So: if the Nazis came to power in Germany again and started exterminating Jews, or hippies, or blacks, or gays or 
gypsies, or permaculturists or if the Russholes did the same (which they may indeed be doing unbeknownst to us and 
allegedly have been doing in Chechnia for decades and as they did in Afganistan) then would we hear it from you?
from everyone the world over? What would happen then? Well, that is exactly what is happening NOW in Tibet, in case you 
haven't noticed.

Boycott the Olympics in china!!!
Boycott all chinese imported goods!!!

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