[permaculture] China and not a plate

J. Kolenovsky garden at hal-pc.org
Thu Mar 20 14:01:25 EDT 2008

Well, Larry. Here we are again. Cross posting at each other and having a
good time. Damn, reminds me of the show -  good times are here again.
It's a nice feeling even if I don't get scuttle-butt from the other
subscribers on the list.

You know what - (u no what)?

At the Bayjoong Olimpiks - every non - chinese should enter the stadium
with a 'glock" in their underwear. Or if overweight, somewhere else.

Or cancel the Olimpiks  (hopefully due to lack of interest, waste of jet
fuel to get there and back, food poisoning, lead based firecrackers,
chemical toxins in drinking water which causes slanted eyes or STD's)
and funnel the money into permaculture.

Maybe some of the concubines could slip mind clouding drugs into the
officials drinking water and they would announce non televisement of the
event. Martial Law. Hadn't been one Marshall since Tito. Or Confucious
will convince them to dive off the roof thinking the Chinese giant
egg-roll is hidden amongst the Easter eggs.

Wait. How do you catch an ether-bunny? With an ether-net. (computer
industry workers joke) 

Maybe the giant Easter Bunny will pea on the judges and tell them the
horse poop on the ground is holy chocolate and to step in it and expect
manadarins in every room or at worse, a chance to work on an
Intercontinental Railroad. Wait a minute. These guys are experienced at
building r.r.'s. They should build them coast to coast and power them
with nuclear waste.

J. Kolenovsky
Peak Oil and Co2 
is changing our life-style. 
http://www.theoildrum.com/. See movie: 


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