[permaculture] Boycott the Olympics ....

Linda Shewan linda.shewan at bryn.com.au
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Wait a few months - they've been waiting for decades... every time they try to get news out to the world about what is happening there, they get slaughtered, as is happening now.

If the Tibetans do not get an international hearing now ie. while China has international focus and may be feeling slightly pressured politically through hosting the Olympics then they have no chance - as they have had for over 50 years. Warring states are very different to ethnic cleansing don't you think.

This attitude of

'the poor athletes have trained so hard for this, lets support them'

as opposed to

'the Tibetans have been killed and tortured and had their basic human rights denied for over 50 years, lets support them'

highlights one of the real issues in our world. Athletes/sports people (and actors and singers also) are considered more important than everyone else - we make them out as kings and have all news taken over by their concerns - while the real world and real issues are swept under the rug.

South Africa only shifted their policies because of international pressure, with sports being a major factor. China has so much power we watch all the world leaders acquiesce to their requests because they don't want 'trade' to be affected. The Olympics is the only chance for the Tibetans. They need a chance, and they need our support.


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In ancient Greece warring city states suspended their disputes in order to participate in the Olympic Games.  Presumably when the games were over they went back to killing each other.  I think that the protestors in Tibet should wait until the Olympics are over to do their protesting.  It's not fair to the athletes who have trained for 4 years to have to be distracted by all of these political issues.  In the past athletes have even been killed while participating in the games.  I'm sure that the organizers of the games would want the Olympics to be a time of peace, and a universal ceasefire.  The problems in Tibet are not going to be solved overnight.  They can wait a few months.    Charles.
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