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Mathew Waehner waehner at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 08:04:09 EDT 2008

A friend of mine has transplanted wild pawpaws successfully.  He started
with young trees, unearthed the sucker and slowly injured it so that the
young tree was forced to rely on its own roots over the course of weeks,
then he dug deep to injure the taproot as little as possible.  Even with
great care, the success rate was low.

It would be great to rescue these wonderful trees, but it would be much
easier and possibly less frustrating to buy some.  I just ordered pawpaws
from Oikos tree crops- their prices are great and they have tons of forest
garden and native American heirloom crops.  http://oikostreecrops.com

On 3/18/08, Brooks Miller <brooks.devin at gmail.com> wrote:
> has anyone propagated paw paws?  i have a stand on some public land nearby
> that suckers like crazy.  last fall i dug out one of the suckers and
> looked
> at a few others, and they all seem to have a very strong, woody taproot.
> there are tons of them in the area, and they're nearby a grass trail, so
> the
> ones on the edge simply get mowed down every summer.   i've read that the
> most successful way to propagate  paw paws is through grafting, but i have
> no rootstock to begin with.  anyone have any hints on propagating the
> suckers?
> also, i'm trying my hand at some hardwood cuttings of nanking cherry,
> blueberry, currant, and a few nut trees.  i have softwood cuttings of
> hardy
> kiwis as well.  i was going to try rooting hormone, but i'm fairly
> inexperienced with woody plant propagation.  any tips are welcomed.
> i'm looking for a good source of ribes and medlars, too.
> brooks
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