[permaculture] biofuels

trevor william johnson john2116 at msu.edu
Tue Mar 18 22:38:40 EDT 2008

where did you get this info. can you please send a source.


>     No, it is making ethanol and running the diesels on a
> ethanol/biodiesel mix. An unmodified diesel can run 80% ethanol/ 20%
> biodiesel. Slightly modified diesels -- usually just adding an extra
> head gasket to lower the compression ration to 18:1 or less allows you
> to use almost pure ethanol with just 1%-2% biodiesel to provide the
> lubrication for the injection pump and help with ignition. Further
> modification can turn a diesel into a super efficient ethanol  
> engine --
> such as adding a distributor and replacing the glowplugs with  
> sparkplugs
> and replacing the injectors and pump with propane injectors, then
> heating the ethanol so it vaporizes.
>     Ethanol is very high octane fuel, so it needs a compression  
> ratio of
> at least 14:1 to burn efficiently. 16:1 is much better.

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