[permaculture] permaculture Digest, Vol 62, Issue 20

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Tue Mar 18 21:08:36 EDT 2008

Scott Pittman wrote:

> 1. what is C4, 2. how effective is it?

Without making a big deal out of this poor attempt at humor (J.'s not yours, Scott)
I offer the following disclaimer:
I am personally not responsible for what subscribers post to this list and in the case of the above referenced post
would very much prefer that this sort of thing not be posted to this forum in any shape or form. Our friend, well 
intentioned and well known to friends of mine as he is should forthwith cease and desist posting material which is 
normally considered by many as illegal and/or threatening, as he has been doing for the past several years. This mode of 
list usage jeopardizes all us subscribers, the list itelf, ibiblio and ultimately ibiblio's host.

Rather than tell you what C4 is I'll let you Google it. It is not something used for weed biocontrol.

I do not want this list put on someone's watch list for any reason. We just do not want to go there.
Others have complained about certain of J.'s posts and now I too feel that they should stop, permanently.

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