[permaculture] biofuels

Brooks Miller brooks.devin at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 18:15:50 EDT 2008

harmon - you mentioned cattails for biofuel use a few times.  (typha?)

for diesel, is it simply the oil extracted from the pressed seed head that
is used?  have you done this?  what kind of equipment is needed to harvest
cattails?  i'm interested.  all the cattails i've seen grow in very wet
conditions, which would negate any kind of tractor harvesting (i would
think).  has anyone any information on what kind of volume per acre cattails
yield in oil?

also, you referred to using the roots i think for ethanol production.  i've
heard the roots are starchy and sometimes tasty but never eaten them.  the
same questions from above could be applied to the roots.

do you currently have typha in production, and if so what do you use it
for/what kind of equipment do you have.

does anyone here press their own seeds for oil or know anyone with a
farmstead oil press?



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