[permaculture] Seeding Permaculture at Colleges & Universities

ethan roland eroland at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 16:22:44 EDT 2008

Howdy All -

I'm a permaculture designer + teacher working mostly in northeastern North
America, and I'd like to ask for some advice on a number of upcoming
teaching events.

I'm going give talks at several colleges & universities around the northeast
(things are popping up here!), mostly through invitations by student
environmental + activist groups. Collaborating with existing educational
infrastructure seems to be a potentially strong leverage point for
widespread sharing of pc principles + practices, and so I am looking for
ways to really encourage permaculture activity on/connected to these
campuses my learning events.

Of course every situation is different and careful social/political/cultural
Site A&A is ideal in each case. But, based on your actual experiences, what
can I do to encourage pc ideas/programs/projects to take root at these
universities? Should I...
-- Ask students start their own little pc groups, or integrate pc into their
existing groups' focus?
-- Put in effort to get faculty, administration, and staff to the teaching
-- Work to secure continued teaching + demonstration events on site?
-- Find co-sponsorship and connection to academic departments?
-- How can I make connections to local pc designers, farmers, and projects,
most effectively?

What else?!? I welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

In peace growing quickly

Ethan C. Roland
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Gaia University
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