[permaculture] Tibet Update: Boycott the Olympics, Boycott Chinese Exports, the Hell With Russia For Supporting China, Boycott Them Too.

Dieter Brand diebrand at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 18 05:40:41 EDT 2008

I appreciate your fervour; however for the sake of credibility it is preferred to stick to the facts and avoid exaggeration.
  I started studying the Chinese language and Chinese culture almost 40 years ago. I have also had close contacts to Chinese corporations and state agencies during more than a decade I worked in trade and industry in the Far East.
  China has only become an exporting power in the last 10 years following Deng Xiaoping’s modernisation and China’s admission to the WTO.
  Most of Chinese exports are still controlled by large state corporations such as CITIC. These corporations are either owned by the various agencies of State or by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA). In fact, the PLA is the biggest employer in China, owning anything from factories to construction companies, hotels and restaurants. Many of these corporations are run by the so-called “Princlings”, the pampered children of high-ranking communist party cadres who form a corrupt old-boys network that controls much of China’s economy.
  Moreover, I think it is a fact that most of China’s exports are extremely cheap and very low quality. Last week I bought a Chinese-made light bulb for 2 Euros (the equivalent light bulb from a European manufacturer costs over 8 Euros). The Chinese light bulb didn’t last for more than 24 hours. A similar European light bulb has already lasted 7 years and is still working. Before that I bought a Chinese-made shovel, the shovel bent the first time it came into contact with soil. I could give you numerous examples like this. Anyway, I decided that, boycott or not, I don’t have enough money to waste on products that go straight to the junk heap and that are not exactly the hallmark of sustainability either.
Dieter Brand
"Lawrence F. London, Jr." <lflj at intrex.net> wrote:
  Margaret & Steven Eisenhauer wrote:
> Oh dear,
> The "master" wishes you to just buy more stuff from the communist Chinese
> government. They need the money to buy the weapons for their military so
> they can expand their brand of "World domination". The communists believe
> that you will love them and all they do for you, like charm bracelets made
> of lead to sell to your children at the dollar stores and tooth paste
> containing anti freeze. And remember the finest people (investors) who
> believe that all that glitters is gold are making a killing on selling you
> China's bad dream come true. Forget about a local economy based on respect
> and sustainability - that's for people who don't want to help the less
> fortunate - which by the way is what we are all becoming by buying into the
> lies and deception put forth by those who brought us this particular flavor
> of old style aristocratic bull-tinky.

The Chinese have been at this for thousands of years, supplier of good for a world market. Really.
They are the ultimate con men. We need a new age social alchemy: convert fools into believers
in self sufficiency and personal independence. Tune in, eat well, exercise and stay healthy,
and drop out of the ratrace if necessary.

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