[permaculture] Tibet Update: Boycott the Olympics, Boycott Chinese Exports, the Hell With Russia For Supporting China, Boycott Them Too.

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Mon Mar 17 22:18:19 EDT 2008

Margaret & Steven Eisenhauer wrote:
> Oh dear,
> The "master" wishes you to just buy more stuff from the communist Chinese
> government.  They need the money to buy the weapons for their military so
> they can expand their brand of "World domination".  The communists believe
> that you will love them and all they do for you, like charm bracelets made
> of lead to sell to your children at the dollar stores and tooth paste
> containing anti freeze. And remember the finest people (investors) who
> believe that all that glitters is gold are making a killing on selling you
> China's bad dream come true. Forget about a local economy based on respect
> and sustainability - that's for people who don't want to help the less
> fortunate - which by the way is what we are all becoming by buying into the
> lies and deception put forth by those who brought us this particular flavor
> of old style aristocratic bull-tinky.

The Chinese have been at this for thousands of years, supplier of good for a world market. Really.
They are the ultimate con men. We need a new age social alchemy: convert fools into believers
in self sufficiency and personal independence. Tune in, eat well, exercise and stay healthy,
and drop out of the ratrace if necessary.

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