[permaculture] Coconuts & permaculture

JŸurgen Botz jurgen at botz.org
Mon Mar 17 17:58:24 EDT 2008

We don't have pictures of our farm on-line yet... I'm working on
that, should have a nice site up by middle of the year.

We have both dwarfs and talls, no hybrids as far as I know.  As for 
variety of dwarf, here in Brazil they are known as "Coqueiro Anão",
but I think that includes all dwarfs.  My botanical knowledge is a
mix of English and Portuguese that's often difficult to integrate
(wikipedia helps a lot, though).

Thanks for all your information about what you intercrop... I've
also started planting gliricidia.  Saturday we visited the farm
of an acquaintance who has 50 hectares of cocos intercroped with
cupuacu, açai, and a ground cover of arachis (forage peanut).  It
is one of the few profitable commercial farms around here.

I'm in a bit of a rush right now... my laptop is broken so I don't
have net access as the farm and I have to get back there... but I'll
be back in touch soon.


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