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> Thanks for posting this. Starhawk is helping to expose one of the great injustices going on anywhere on this planet right now.
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> Today is March 16.  Five years ago, I was in a small village in the
> ccupied Territories of the West Bank of Palestine with a group of
> olunteers from the International Solidarity Movement, which supports
> onviolent resistance against the Occupation.  <...>  It was a strangely
> dyllic day—until on our way back to Nablus we got a call.
> own in Rafah, in the Gaza strip, a young volunteer named Rachel Corrie
> ad been crushed to death by a an Israeli military bulldozer as she
> ttempted to prevent the demolition of a Palestinian family’s house.

Fifth Anniversary Of Death of Rachel Corrie
And Sunday marked the fifth anniversary of the death of Rachel Corrie. On March 16, 2003, an Israeli military bulldozer 
crushed Corrie to death as she tried to stop the demolition of the home of a Palestinian doctor in the Gaza town of 
Rafah. Eyewitnesses said Rachel was standing directly in the path of the bulldozer holding a megaphone and wearing a 
fluorescent jacket. She was 23 years old.
On Sunday, the play “My Name Is Rachel Corrie,” was performed for the first time in Israel. The play was performed in 
Arabic in the Israeli city of Haifa. It is scheduled to tour Israel and the occupied West Bank.

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