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Hello, sorry for the incredible delay in response but things get mighty busy. I am in Willits Ca currently due to lack of funds in Mexico. However where I am going to do my permaculture/natural building/education/medicine is in Sayulita, its north of  Puerto Vallarta about an hour. Thank you so much for your resources and help. What might be your movement in the permaculuture realms?
Thanks again and many blessings and good energies.
Cuauhtemoc Landeros

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> Hola Cuautemoc,
> just to let you know of three sources in Mexico...
> Seeds
> Gapo  collects her own seeds and sells some (she has an organic produce 
> store)- she's in Xalapa, I think, or someplace in Veracruz.   
> casadestal at hotmail.com
> "Huerto de semillas" I believe is an iniciative of Las Cañadas (Ricardo 
> Romero ) at   http://www.bosquedeniebla.com.mx/htm/curso.htm     They 
> emphasize  biointensive production  methods... write to 
> chidukarizo at yahoo.com.mx      for a (very small) catalog.
> They have also started a seed exchange effort called RED DE SEMILLAS, 
> formada por pequeñas productores orgánicos interesados en intercambiar y 
> distribuir sus semillas. (I contributed the sesame seeds, for example).
> Finally, if you are in Morelos, we have tons of fruit tree (and many 
> more ornamental plant) nurseries... Most between Yautepec and Cuautla... 
> They have temperate as well as sub-tropical trees (you won't find 
> low-altitude tropical trees like cacaos, for example). El Vivero de 
> Yautepec has the most variety and highest prices... the smallest tree 
> available will run about $90p ($8.50 US). I find cheaper elsewhere but 
> the nurseries don't post outside what they have inside so searching 
> through all of them is a bit like running the gauntlet. El V de Y. is 
> definitely the place to buy mameys... and Asian fruit. Their website is 
> http://www.viveroyautepec.com.mx/vivero.htm  but last time I looked 
> their list of fruit trees was down. Write me if you want a copy.
> Also, if interested in reforesting, try CONAFOR - which unfortunately 
> likes  monocultures, but fortunately works with native species, they 
> give away zillions of trees. IF you plant a minimum of 5 hectares, 
> either your own or in conjunction with others, they will pay you for 
> planting them and give you advise. This is carbon offset money. In 
> Morelos we have a state department CEAMA Centro de Agua y Medio 
> Ambiente, I think, which has a much better reforestry nursery. Also 
> native plants, mostly multi-purpose (medicinal, forrage, N-fixing, food, 
> etc), mostly free and a very nice variety.
> CONAFOR also has a very, very nice soil conservation manual which you 
> can download,
> http://www.conafor.gob.mx/portal/index.php?s1=4    (try this link and 
> page down for the 4 descargos)  Let me know if it doesn't work.
> And from CONABIO comes this wonderful list of native trees.... 
> > El presente manual es uno de los productos del proyecto J084 "Árboles 
> > mexicanos potencialmente valiosos para la restauración ecológica y la 
> > reforestación"
> http://www.conabio.gob.mx/conocimiento/info_especies/arboles/doctos/indice_especies.html
> Where are you?
> Suerte,
> george anna
> cuauhtemoc landeros wrote:
> >Howdy Im working on getting a permaculture/demonstration/education project going in Mexico and was wondering if anyone knows of any great or good nurserys or companies with tropical plants or seeds? Thanks again.   
> >  
> >
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