[permaculture] American activist and feminist Starhawk denied entry and deported from Israel.

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Typical of the Israeli's.? Any attempt to improve the dire plight of the Palestinians will be stopped by Israel.?As part of the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine, Israel has destroyed huge acreage of farms and orchards.? Countless orchards of ancient olive trees have fallen to the Israeli bulldozers.? My congratulations to Starhawk for trying to do the right thing by teaching Permaculture to the Palestinians, but I am not surprised her efforts were thwarted by the occupation forces of Israel.??

Palestinians are the descendents of people who have lived sustainably on the land for thousands of years. their ancestors in the bronze age constructed towns and cities with elaborate cistern systems and had well developed trade in agricultural products from the large surpluses they were producing by the early Bronze Age.? The Palestinians were master orchardists in a dry climate.? The orange groves of Jaffa were famous in the Middle East.? In fact, Israel stole much of this agricultural heritage in period between 1948 and 1949 when 750,000 Palestinians were ethnically cleansed from their homeland in direct contravention of the U.N. agreement.

Anybody interested in learning more about what is happening in occupied Palestine can start at www.gush-shalom.org. It is the leading Israeli peace organization and they unflinchingly reveal the truth about ethnic cleansing of Palestine.? There are links to many other organizations, including Palestinians groups, that are fighting for the human rights of the Palestinians.

Larry Saltzman

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