[permaculture] carbon sequestration

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Wed Mar 12 13:13:48 EDT 2008

Where is the requested link to all these dastardly actions.

---- Harmon Seaver <hseaver at gmail.com> wrote: 
> trevor william johnson wrote:
> > In my research of SVO in diesel engines i have seen data that  
> > reflects our conversation in that thread.  His results about the  
> > energy gain from ethanol, wvo/svo and biodiesel i believe reflect the  
> > novelty of this research, how deep you do the energy accounting and  
> > not a dodgy person.
> > 
>     What do you call someone who secretly takes payments from a big
> company when working at a university doing research on a subject that is
> a big threat to that company? And then publishes a report that is so
> incredibly phony and erroneous that it's ludicrous?
>     I call that type of person a despicable cheat, fraud, crook, and
> liar. Someone who should be booed off the stage whenever and whereever
> he dares show his disgusting face. The disservice he has done to the
> environmental movement in general, and the biofuels movement is
> particular is so horrendous that he should literally be tarred and
> feathered and run out of town on a rail anywhere he shows up.
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> Harmon Seaver
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