[permaculture] Coconuts & permaculture

Robyn Francis erda at nor.com.au
Wed Mar 12 09:44:36 EDT 2008

Coconut palms are ideal permaculture plants for the humid tropics--not only
for the water and flesh, but as a source of oil, the shell for containers,
utensils and crafts, the husk for cocopeat, leaves for thatch and weaving,
and is a great source of timber, fast growing and readily renewed.

Coconut palms, planted at 2-3 times the standard plantation spacing, are an
ideal emergent plant as a sparse over-story broken canopy for tropical food
forests. In the Pekorangans of Bali and Java the the coconut trees and
occasional rise over a canopy (5-10m) of mango, sapodilla, jakfruit etc
understoried with clove, carambola (star fruit), wax jambu, banana, Papaya,
cassava and cocos yam.

In parts of Fiji and the Philippines, cassava is regarded as a beneficial
companion crop grown under coconut (at plantation density).

There's also pc designs for coconut circles (similar to banana circle


On 12/3/08 10:21 AM, "J?urgen Botz" <jurgen at botz.org> wrote:

> Aside from the fact that the tall palms can take the
> upper layer of a multi-story plantation, coconut palms
> don't seem to be considered much as a permaculture
> plant.  A list search has produced no hits... anyone
> here have experience with coconuts?  Any information
> companions/associations?
> :j
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