[permaculture] carbon sequestration

Steve Diver steved at ipa.net
Wed Mar 12 00:29:06 EDT 2008

Since you asked... 

David Pimentel is an entomologist / ecologically-oriented
scientist extraordinairre. 

His papers are voluminous. You'd have to spend days and days
to compile all those citations, then it would take months
and months to review them.... probably years. 

The CRC Press editions on energy in agriculture were
classic reference books in the 70s or 80s when published.

He moved beyond plain entomology into holistic topics
that address energy, ecology, and sustainability.  His
papers of later years were actually a collective effort
of his graduate studies course at Cornell Univ.  So they
represent the collective effort of one or two dozen college 
students -- studying ecology and sustainable agriculture --
and what they dug up.  Pimentel crafted the final paper 
and is credited as author or senior author.

I've/we've hosted Pimentel when he came to campus to lecture
(back in Arkansas). He gets standing room only audiences. 

If you disagree with one of his papers or arguments,
that's normal. But it sure helps to state the facts and
state which part of the data you're talking about. 

Are any of those scientific journals really the 
mouthpiece of coal and gas industry, or is that
just parrotting what you've read/heard?  What are
the journal titles and article citations?

Steve Diver

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