[permaculture] Feeding via Irrigation

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Wed Mar 12 00:26:25 EDT 2008

George Anna Clark wrote:
> I've fertilized with urine through my drip system... the injector is
> mounted after the pump (is that what you're talking about? not sure
> about english terminology). I suspended the practice just cause I didn't
> have enough urine to make it worthwhile, preferred to concentrate it in
> a few rows and I couldn't do that without blowing out the hoses.
> Some say it clogs up the drippers- I didn't have that problem - and thus
> they suggest flushing well after use with straight water. I also pass
> along the suggestion that one gave to pump it straight -i.e.,  have a
> urine reservoir instead of a  water reservoir, but that's not exactly
> practical, at least not in my situation.
> Anyway, I'm now collecting urine on a larger scale (i.e., more people)
> and will start fertilizing the orange trees which have
> ...um-m-m..."micro-sprayers" (?) -looking forward to that... Also will
> start doing same with innoculants and mycorrizas and all that good
> stuff... (not at the farm at the moment, frankly can't remember what I
> have on hand). And yes, same goes with aerated wormcompost tea (I use
> aquarium bubbles, not the commercial tea makers).

Why don't you put the urine on a compost pile then extract tea from the pile and put that around your crops?

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