[permaculture] Feeding via Irrigation

George Anna Clark esac at laneta.apc.org
Tue Mar 11 18:58:14 EDT 2008

I've fertilized with urine through my drip system... the injector is
mounted after the pump (is that what you're talking about? not sure
about english terminology). I suspended the practice just cause I didn't
have enough urine to make it worthwhile, preferred to concentrate it in
a few rows and I couldn't do that without blowing out the hoses.

Some say it clogs up the drippers- I didn't have that problem - and thus
they suggest flushing well after use with straight water. I also pass
along the suggestion that one gave to pump it straight -i.e.,  have a
urine reservoir instead of a  water reservoir, but that's not exactly
practical, at least not in my situation.

Anyway, I'm now collecting urine on a larger scale (i.e., more people)
and will start fertilizing the orange trees which have
...um-m-m..."micro-sprayers" (?) -looking forward to that... Also will
start doing same with innoculants and mycorrizas and all that good
stuff... (not at the farm at the moment, frankly can't remember what I
have on hand). And yes, same goes with aerated wormcompost tea (I use
aquarium bubbles, not the commercial tea makers).

As you probably are guessing, the irrigation equipment was just
installed for the orange (major crop, also includes papayas, lemongrass, 
leuceana, and more to come now with water) grove, and am PRETTY excited.

happily irrigating,
George Anna

Zack D wrote:

>Does anyone have any experience with using a conventional automatic fertilizer
>injector tied into an irrigation system to broadcast trace minerals, seaweed
>brew, compost tea, etc.?
>I think it'd be useful.
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