[permaculture] Used cooking oil vehicles?

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I don't know anyone personally who's currently using SVO in theirdiesels, but I saw a great film recently at the Sedona Film Festivalcalled Fields of Fuel. It won an award at Sundance as well as in Sedona.  Awesome,well-rounded view of alternatives and making a case for using whateverbiofuels we can and pros and cons of each, what's on the cutting edge, etc.  You can find out more at http://www.fieldsoffuel.com/. 

The reason I mention it is that one of the success stories the filmshares is NYC-based Tri-State Biodiesel.  They collect veggie oil inlarge trucks and turn it into biodiesel.  I know it's not quite whatyou were looking for, but it's a huge step in the right direction, andperhaps a contact for you in finding people doing what you want to do.  You might find other contacts on the Fields of Fuel Media, Team, or Partners pages.

I made apost today on the same list about an additive I learned about thatallows one to use veggie oil without a conversion.  That site, in caseyou're interested, is http://www.dieselsecret.com/index.html.  If you hear about positive or negative feedback about this, please let me know.

Good luck! 
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