[permaculture] svo conversion

Brooks Miller brooks.devin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 16:08:01 EDT 2008

hi - i converted my 1980 Mercedes 300SD to run on SVO.  it's a simple
conversion, not to say it didn't frustrate me at times!  but i could give
you lots of info on how to do it, what cars to look for, etc.

by far the best resource for a conversion is the biodiesel infopop forum,
which has information on both biodiesel homebrewing and SVO.

BE WARNED: some of the people on the site are dogmatic - they think the
conversion can only happen one way to work properly.  but i've done a couple
conversions, and a friend has done over 60, some the "right" way, some with
less frills.  it all depends on the car, the climate, and the oil you get.

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